Truck Dispatching Questions

Answers to common truck dispatching questions

How does a carrier/owner-operator receive payment for hauling freight?

a. The carriers are paid by the Broker for picking up and delivering freight safely from point A to point B. Once the carrier has delivered the freight, and receives a Bill of Lading (BOL) from the receiving party; the carrier can email this and all supporting documents to the dispatcher, who in turn will do one of two things:

  1. Submit the BOL and supporting documents to the Broker for payment. Once we have ensured that all required documentation is complete.
  2. If you have a factoring company, then we will do the same procedure and submit to them for payment.

What do brokers do with business now?

a. Brokers are hired by suppliers to move the freight from the point of origin to the point of delivery. Carriers do not, and by law cannot conduct business directly with the shippers, unless you are employed by them. Carriers deal strictly with the Brokers.

  • NOTE: A carrier can have a relationship with a particular broker, and in fact, Brokers are always on the lookout for reliable, safe carriers who can get the freight where it needs to be in a timely manner, with no issues.

What load boards do we check/follow?

a. We currently utilize the DAT Power Load Board. However, because dispatchers cannot obtain an MC Authority, we would utilize YOUR MC Authority to work on the load boards to find freight on your behalf. Those load boards include Truckstop (ITA), CH Robinson, TQL, Coyote, JB Hunt to name a few.

What do we need from a carrier to begin working with them?

a. Drivers’ hometown, how often do you want to be home, what other states do you want to travel to, do you have any objections to certain types of freight (no alcohol, no tobacco, no animal hides [they make the trailer smell], etc.)

b. We will need a copy of your MC Authority, USDOT information, and ICC#

c. Truck plate#, VIN#, Make and model of tractor

d. Current copies of your insurance policies for both tractor AND trailer

e. Notice of Assignment (NOA) if you are using a factoring company

f. Power of Attorney to act on your behalf when booking loads, speaking with Brokers, submitting for payment to Factoring

g. Copies of any endorsements you may have (HAZMAT, etc.)

h. Signed contract for dispatch services between the carrier and Centerpointe Dispatch

i. Copies of TWIC and CARB information, IFTA information for those driving trucks in NY, KY, NM, & OR

j. Log in information to your ELD system, and you email address

Can I reject a freight load you offered me?

a. Yes, you can. However, that load was booked under your MC Authority, and if too many loads a rejected, Brokers will take notice. That is why we specifically ask if there is any type of freight you do not wish to handle.

Once the freight is booked, how will I know the load information?

a. Once the freight has been booked with a Broker, and we have gotten the best rate possible for it, you will be sent a copy of the rate confirmation sheet. We will also send you an email, detailing the information for you, and highlight any restrictions or requirements, appointment information, temperature, load securement requirements, etc.

b. We will also follow up with a phone call, so that you are aware of the pickup information.

c. We will also call you if anything changes, appointment times, delays, etc.

Do you work in specific areas, or do you cover all 48 states?

a. We try to work with drivers in all states.

I am an owner operator; can you Help me with paperwork?

a. Our staff has over 18 years of working in an office environment. We can handle all your paperwork headaches, so that you can drive the truck.

b. We also have and Accountant and bookkeeper on staff to help with all your financial paperwork. We utilize QuickBooks online, where you can enter data into your account, or we can handle all of it for you.