Truck Dispatch Services

Professional Freight Dispatch Services for Carriers and Owner-operators

Centerpointe Dispatch is a truck dispatch company providing carriers and owner-operators professional freight dispatch services. Our focus is to keep you loaded as much as you desire.

Our truck dispatchers:

  • Find the best loads for you
  • Negotiate the best rates for you
  • Manage your paperwork
  • Coordinate w/ brokers to help grow your business
  • Help maintain motor carrier compliance
  • Track driver hours and review logs
  • Manage delays
  • Establish/Improve relations with shippers

Our dispatch services are designed to reduce your workload and maximize your revenue!

Centerpointe Dispatch offers a full range of freight dispatching services for Dry vans, Reefers, Flatbeds, and Step-decks, from simple to complex movements.
We handle all aspects of the freight transportation process, from the initial assignment, to the final delivery.

Our expert dispatchers will help you determine the most cost-effective method of transportation for your intended route, and will provide you with a detailed timeline and cost for each delivery method.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and will work tirelessly to meet your needs and expectations.

freight dispatcher

The Benefits of using Truck Dispatch Services

Free up your time!

Carriers and Owner-Operators can free up their time and reduce their efforts by having a freight dispatch company such as Centerpointe Dispatch LLC find your loads, plan your routes, and manage your paperwork. Drivers already have a tough enough time dealing with driving hour limits, traffic, warehouse delays, weather, and many other factors.

Hiring a truck dispatch service can be well worth the money to save you from the aggravation and hassle of these issues, allowing you to focus on your job and overcome these challenges.

Get you the best value!

Truck dispatching services can focus on finding you loads and coordinating and negotiating rates with shippers, manufacturers, and brokers that are in the best interests and value of our clients. We also ensure compliance, plan and manage your route options, and establish and maintain good relationships with shippers.

You could be delivering more loads and subsequently earning more than you typically would by not having the burden of finding loads; this allows you to have more time for driving and focusing on your business.


Truck Dispatchers act on behalf of Carriers and Owner-Operators to negotiate freight loads and rates. Since the dispatcher fee is a percentage of your rate, it is big incentive for us to find the highest paid loads.

We also ensure shippers are promptly billed and the invoices are paid quickly. We consider our clients more as teammates, and that our accomplishments become your success.